Reduced price! New Brenda 160CM 5FT2 Big Booty Red Hair  Heavy Real Doll Expand

Brenda 160CM 5FT2 Big Booty Red Hair Heavy Real Doll


Brenda - 160cm Red Hair Big Booty Heavy Real Doll

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#Parameter NameDoll Measurements
1 Height 63 inches(160cm)
2 weight 40kg
3 Bust 38.9inches(98cm)
4 Hips 43 inches(109cm)
5 Waist 27.6 inches(70cm)
6 Vagina 6.7 inches(17cm)
7 Anus 5.51 inches(14cm)
8 Mouth 5.1 inches(13cm)
9 Bra size D Cup
10 Packing size 61.4*16.5*13.8inches(156*42*35)

Brenda is 160cm who is 20 years old with the glossy cool red hair flaming like fire.She is the shiny central point is not the hot hair but the huge boobs which was F cup shrinks the now D cup.She is so drowning his eyes that were like the end of the forest where the deer in princess mononoke had gone.Streams of water sparkling with water,like the dew in the morning,and with fireflies at night.When she is under his body,he is so into her big boobs which shakes so actively.He shows higher skill on the bed.He moans ‘I love you’.She was trembling to shake,dazed by the touch.His mouth was so soft and hot,his lips kissed her neck and ears,and the tingling sensation spread through they two body.The air was filled with the smell of his sweat, his wet body holding her, you two had never been happier.