Reduced price! New Alexander 175CM 5FT7 Handsome Manly Green Coat Male Real Doll Expand

Alexander 175CM 5FT7 Handsome Manly Green Coat Male Real Doll


175 CM Handsome Manly Green Coat Male Real Doll Alexander

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  • Green
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  • White
  • Fair
  • Tan
  • Ebony
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#Parameter NameDoll Measurements
1 Height 68.9 inches(175cm)
2 weight 53 kg
3 Dildo 15 cm
4 Dildo Aiameter 4 cm
5 Bust 33.85 inches(86cm)
6 Hip 35 inches(89cm)
7 Waist 28 inches(71cm)
8 Anus 3.93 inches(10cm)
8 Packing size 64.57*16.9*11.8inches(164*43*30cm)

Alexander is 175cm wearing olive drab short coat with straight suit pants,she thought he is over 180cm when he is not her boyfriend.He is still her killer for his long slim legs and his great abdominal muscle.She jumps on his lap Cross - legged,he kisses her navel,her lower belly,her inner thighs,her pussy she is so high  high and high.She had forgotten who she was,where she was, and what was happening. And oh, she can't stand it she feel burned to ashes.He is the lion on the bed,full of power fierce and good lasting let her wet,and she invites him give more.Actually,During the day rigorous meticulous data analysis,even she will not walk near him.accompany by him,her friends say her face is like peach blossom, and prettier.