Reduced price! New Hayami 158CM 5FT2 32D Passionate Pleasure  Sex Doll Expand

Hayami 158CM 5FT2 32D Passionate Pleasure Sex Doll


Hayami - Buy 158 cm 32 D Passionate Pleasure Doll in Japan

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  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • As displayed
  • White
  • Fair
  • Tan
  • Ebony
  • BuiltIn
  • Removable
  • None
  • Pubic Hair
  • None Standing
  • Standing
  • None
  • Heating Feature




1 Height 62.2inches(158cm)
2 weight 33 kg
3 Bust 33.5 inches(85cm)
4 Hips 33.5 inches(85cm)
5 Waist 19.7inches(50cm)
6 Vagina 7.1 inches(18cm)
7 Anus 5.9 inches(15cm)
8 Mouth 6.1 inches(15.5cm)
9 Arm length 31.5 inches(80cm)
10 Feet length 7.48 inches(19cm)
11 Packing size 60.6*16.5*12.2inches(154*42*31cm)

Japanese Hayami with her 32D bust gives her a sexy feel no matter what she wears, even the shirt that always makes people feel intellectual and fresh is no exception.The ginger shirt also adds a bit of intellectual elegance to her letting her look more than sexy from exteriorly.She is not shallow at all.You are  attracted and submerged by her smart and the way she figures out things neatly.Today she jumps on you,she delivers the message to permeate into you extremely.You occupy her neatly.You two are more like the same one.You breath each other in,exhale slow,hold so tight that nothing can separate you guys.