Reduced price! New Adelaide 158CM 5FT2 C Cup Brown Skin Sex Doll Expand

Adelaide 158CM 5FT2 C Cup Brown Skin Sex Doll


Adelaide Blonde Realistic Sex Doll TPE Flat Chest Lifelike Love Doll

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  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • As displayed
  • White
  • Fair
  • Tan
  • Ebony
  • BuiltIn
  • Removable
  • None
  • Pubic Hair
  • None Standing
  • Standing
  • None
  • Heating Feature




Weight 30.75kg
Bust 80cm(31.5″)
Hips 50cm(19.7″)
Waist 80cm(31.5″)
Vagina 18cm(7.1″)
Anus 16cm(6.3″)
Mouth 13cm(5.12″)

Adelaide screams and jumps on top of him,his back was muscled and tan.They are doomed together that match her natural nice brown skin. A lot of sunlight was leaking from the roof and falling on her scarlet dress was accessorized with crystal pendants, and,the graceful curves are all exposed.He squeezed her slight fat but very soft hand gently.Her hair creeps over his body like thick,glazing silks and satins.He ruffles and kisses it that smells like the fresh watermelon,she looks even more charmful as if the valuable art.And she tastes delicious beyond the expectation,she offers him the boobs-fuck,her boobs are yummy that are meticulous and bendy.