Reduced price! New Liya 165CM 5FT4 Blonde Charming TPE Sex Doll Expand

Liya 165CM 5FT4 Blonde Charming TPE Sex Doll


Liya Charming Realistic Sex Dolls Short Hair Sexy TPE Love Doll

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  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • As displayed
  • White
  • Fair
  • Tan
  • Ebony
  • BuiltIn
  • Removable
  • None
  • Pubic Hair
  • None Standing
  • Standing
  • None
  • Heating Feature




Weight 36kg
Bust 91cm(35.8″)
Hips 58cm(22.8″)
Waist 90cm(35.4″)
Vagina 18cm(7.1″)
Anus 16cm(6.3″)
Mouth 13cm(5.12″)

Liya 's hair is combed  back into a ponytail to look brave and strong and challenging ;wearing a white patent leather beret, black leather short shorts,which she had paired with her lucky pair of three-inch Ferragamo heel sand one to apply natural bare legs were luxuriously long and tanned looking makeup for the fresh, healthy glow forties jazz music, also that framed her face in an innocent yet intellectual manner the bar had an air of sexy sophistication.Your leg was touching hers and her whole body was burning with the warmth of it.How badly does you want me?" You murmured into her ear. Her green eyes opened wide. "Bad," she whispered unsteadily. ​Her vagina's  trying to get out of her pants:the hallway and wrap your arms around her shin and start biting her.This is a real treat.