Reduced price! New Colette 145CM 4FT8 Flat Chest  Black Hair  House 168 Sex Doll Expand

Colette 145CM 4FT8 Flat Chest Black Hair House 168 Sex Doll


Colette Cheerful Girl Doll House168 Flat Chested TPE  Sex Doll EVO Series  

More details

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • As displayed
  • White
  • Fair
  • Tan
  • Ebony
  • BuiltIn
  • Removable
  • None
  • Pubic Hair
  • None Standing
  • Standing
  • None
  • Heating Feature




weight 28kg 32kg
Bust 77cm(30.3″) 75cm(29.5″)
Hips 72cm(28.3″) 83cm(32.7″)
Waist 50cm(19.7″) 56cm(22.0″)
Vagina 16cm(6.3″) 16cm(6.3″)
Anus 15.5cm(6.1″) 15.5cm(6.1″)
Mouth 13cm(5.12″) 13cm(5.12″)

Colette now she wears a ordinary blue skirt but not the black dress full draw a mouth with big red with lips parting gracefully over teeth as white as milk; tint of the skin like the bloom  peaches which no hand has touched.Her jet-black hair, naturally or artfully waved.Luckily, you take her slender supple waist to dance, and her alluring smile take your breath away. Your lips on her lips,absorbing everything from each other.The time is nothing at first, but since you are together, it becomes especially magnificent.After you torn off her clothes,she is provocative,bitchy,vain even is without limits.See,life is full of magic,the small breast tastes yummy unexpectedly.