Reduced price! New Haruki 158CM 5FT2 Young Cheap Japanese Flat Chested Sex Doll Expand

Haruki 158CM 5FT2 Young Cheap Japanese Flat Chested Sex Doll


Haruki Cheap Mese Young Vagina Japanese Sex Doll

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  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • As displayed
  • White
  • Fair
  • Tan
  • Ebony
  • BuiltIn
  • Removable
  • None
  • Pubic Hair
  • None Standing
  • Standing
  • None
  • Heating Feature




1 Height 158cm(5ft2)
2 weight 30.75kg
3 Bust 80cm(31.5″)
4 Hips 80cm(31.5″)
5 Waist 50cm(19.7″)
6 Vagina 18cm(7.1″)
7 Anus 16cm(6.3″)
8 Mouth 13cm(5.1″)

You are Haruki’s first man in physical relationship,it is truly deserve for you to wait for so many years to taste the perfect moment.You guys used to share mind and soul,now you shared the body.A minute with her is worth more than a thousand days .You love her in spite of deep fears that the world would divide you two.Her eyes are green, and This natural, vital, pure energy easily arouses the imagination of you, full of sweet passion.she lies on her back with two straight soft and slight plump around you clumsily but fiercely.You climb over her and holds her legs between yours.You know well this position can please her at the most for this is her first time,you did great tender caress.and put lube to her,no wonder she reaches the orgasm.