For folks with premature orgasm or ejaculation issues, masturbating with a sex doll can help calm down sensitivities to prolong sexual activities.Aside from white-collar workers who merely seek sexual satisfaction in the absence of their wives,however, there are in fact a number of Chinese male consumers who consider sex dolls as their proper life partners, Yibada reported in 2016.Having your doll's lubed up vagina squeeze around you while pounding in from behind would add significantly to the realism.With a fully realistic doll you can do any position you'd try with a real person.No Strings Attached - As long as you and your partner agreed, having a sex doll around won't hurt your relationship.As far as the skeleton is concerned, its stability corresponds to standards for occasional sexual use.Even though you don't have sex every night, you do sleep together every night.” These phrases—spend time with,” trying different outfits,” sleeping together”—are activities with the doll.

  •  We now to turn to examining how members carry out their creative endeavors and how these creative endeavors not only enrich their own lives with their dolls but helps to inspire and feed each other's (real fantasy) lives with dolls.Real Doll owners construct dolls as subjects whose bodies inhabit and make sense of the world, as real humans do. Owners use a set of skilled creative practices to craft dolls as subjects.
  •  Real Dolls present an opportunity for owners to imbue their dolls' bodies with agency.The doll is framed by the owner as a body with agency.A major challenge for many owners is the sheer heft of the dolls.Some owners store their dolls on furniture in their homes.Posing dolls is of vital concern to doll owners.Posters also worked on photographic techniques, praised other users for their skill in dressing and positioning dolls and editing photographs:Using DIY rigs and post-processing, owners relished the chance to find inventive and skillful ways to bestow dolls an embodied life with them.The role of gaze is important for the dolls and their presentation in the forum.Comments often allude to dolls cooking and cleaning,” liking clothes and shoes,” getting her beauty rest,” and eating chocolate.
  •  Doll users want her to appear real, just as a real woman might look similar to another woman, but never exactly the same as another.While the positioning of the overall body garners most space, owners also find ways to articulate the body to achieve realism.The diegetic gaze is materially difficult to achieve—the dolls are stiff and this threatens to break the illusion of the situation depicted in the photo.Someone…chose to move the eyes so they look off to the side just a little bit to avoid the two-thousand-yard-stare that dolls without movable eyes have.Second, users express themselves as subjects of, and subjected to, their dolls.
  •  This psychological desire has parallels to many healthy, real-life relationships—many of us have a desire to feel wanted.It brings the dolls to life, but it is not limited to the dolls: it brings the whole world of the dolls to life, allowing the owner to enter into, experience, and tell others about it.Just as in real” relationships, the men in TDF share stories about their lives with their doll partners with other men.
  •   The men we have described own an ostensibly inanimate doll that they seek to bring to life, to imbue with freedom and the ability to engage with the world around her 67 ; owners want a doll they can live with and understand the real world, together.
  •  Real Dolls come alive not only because of their lifelike faces but also because of the imaginative stories their owners construct and tell Thus, the meaningful, intimate relationships doll owners have established fall in line with how technologies, far from being tools, are becoming our partners and subjects of our attachment (e.g., becoming attached to service robots in the military 29 and hospital 62 ). More importantly, however, this attachment to robots speaks to how we desire robots who need us for care.Dolls, with their life-like, expensive, and sophisticated bodies are thus an ideal medium by which to give care and to receive the feeling of being wanted and, indeed, of being depended upon.Indeed, taking care of dolls requires men to understand embodied experiences traditionally practiced by women (e.g., with makeup and clothing).whose body is engaging with everyday activity, a hobby of guitar playing.
  •  And, just as people have specific likes and dislikes, owners enact particular intimate fictions of dolls, within the confines of the discourses of intimacy that surround them and the doll itself, to their desires and the doll's desires.The realistic and gorgeous nature of these top of the line real dolls cause the owner to form a bond to the real dolls just like he could with a real girl.On first glance, Real Dolls are inflexible, inanimate objects.The sense of life” or the idea of a doll having a soul” is part of what distinguishes Real Dolls from its competitors, and it outweighs the technical features.The owners sacrifice” themselves, imaginatively toiling away to care for dolls in ways that are immensely satisfying.By working with the body, owners are able to make their dolls unique.