In the course of owning a doll it is inevitable that with all the fun and action you will have with her you will also come to damage her on occasion and knowing how to repair your doll is an important skill, since you will not be able to simply ship her back for repairs from the retailer you purchased her from or take her down to your average repair store - at least that is until sex dolls and sex robots go mainstream.But we suggest that these hyper real sex dolls are really need to be careful maintained, such as be away of knife or sharp objects, if is scratched by sharp tools such as knives and scissors, how can we do to repair the doll?

  • You just need to make a simple your sex dolls is slightly damaged, maybe you can do some simple sex doll repair yourself.4fe34e471cea0.jpg
  • Generally ,the small wound now can get large beyond repair after some time.The most common areas to get damaged are to those incur the most stretching and bending such as the vagina, anus, armpit, elbows, and knees and you will need to keep a close eye on these areas to make sure to repair the area as soon as possible to prevent it turning into an irreversible issue.Before you repair your doll with TPE glue or a heat gun make sure to clean the surface down to make sure that there is no dirt that can get trapped and that the area is sterile before doing any work on your doll.And before you repair your sex doll, you need to know and understand the material it's made from.
  • TPE:
  • The two best and most common ways for repairing TPE related issues are either with TPE glue or by heating the TPE with a heat gun and reworking the area until the material is fixed.
  • Before repairing the doll, we have to prepare it: Welding pen heating tool and TPE glue(This solvent is used to repair skin injuries on your TPE sex doll.), then use TPE glue”, apply it on the wound, then use Welding pen to heat the wound, melt the material and melt it, then use small The shovel smoothes the wound. (how to use the repair fluid :Spread a thin coating of TPE Repair Solvent with the provided spatula to the interior surface of the wound. please use the repair fluid to the damaged area, close the wound and put the doll be flat.Carefully align and hold the wound closed for several minutes to allow the TPE Repair Solvent to meld the wound.This solvent is used to repair skin injuries on your TPE sex doll.The TPE repair glue will melt the TPE and then the melted part will be rejoined, which will help the repaired part to be more natural.For a large rupture, you need to use TPE material piece to fill the damaged part, and if you can't make it by yourself, you'd better contact customer service to return your doll to the sex doll factory for repair.(Note: You should use exclusive TPE glue for your sex doll repair.The wound will be repaired after 24 hours) you should use it after it was already repaired.
  • SlLICONE: The repair kit was quite basic, vinyl strips, liquid silicone, and a catalyst fluid to make them work together. As with RealDoll, you can't return your sex doll, but your order comes with a cleaning kit and you can request a repair kit if there are any damages.
  • Note: after repairing, be sure to remember that this part of the sex doll will be more fragile and avoid further injury.Such as:TPE Repair Solvent is extremely destructive to TPE.
  • TPE Repair Solvent works by melting the TPE surface.)